Non-profit organizations face a future in which they must take advantage of technology to improve, coordinate, account for, and deliver the services they provide.They need the help of people with strong technical skills. Undergraduate computer science and software engineering students face a future in which they will need more than solid expertise in their discipline to succeed. They will be expected to work with people of many different backgrounds to identify and achieve goals. They need educational experiences that can help them broaden their skills. The challenge is to bring these two groups together in a mutually beneficial way that results in both parties gaining experience and useful resources from each other.


Team Lead: Jacob Scheib Designer: Michael Ketiku Researcher: Kyle Werner
Team Lead: Jacob Scheib
Designer: Michael Ketiku
Researcher: Kyle Werner

The EPICS website has been intended to act as the bridge between clients that need information about EPICS and the students and professors that supervise the program themselves.  The original EPICS website was hosted by an outdated platform and did not have current information. Our group switched to WordPress as the platform to host the newly designed EPICS website. WordPress is an extremely popular application to use when designing a website. WordPress is easy to use and allows for plug-ins so various coding languages can be used within the website. The redesigned website features a new, contemporary look to the site.  The site also has updated information on completed projects, known affiliates of EPICS, current or ongoing projects, the students enrolled in EPICS, and the advisers who oversee the EPICS program.