POLIS Center

About the POLIS Center

As a self-funded research unit of the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI, our approach is practical, applied, and entrepreneurial. We work collaboratively and often serve as the nexus among diverse community-based organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, arts and cultural organizations, businesses, charitable endowments, and faith-based organizations. We are committed to linking university and community expertise and to the smart use of advanced technologies to help solve problems and help communities take advantage of opportunities.

Our EPICS Project

Our EPICS team was asked to create a new website for the Spirit and Place festival, a yearly festival that takes place in early November. We hope to create a modern website with an interactive and responsive interface using industry standard technologies such as ReactJS.


Team Members

Albert Badalov (left) – UI/UX developer

Adam Kessler (middle left) – Team Leader

Troy Wiegand (middle right) – Developer and team liason

Bob Ferrell (right) – EPICS Client and POLIS Software Developer


Project Artifacts