About Keith Sustich


1) Your name? (you can also post your picture here)
2) Where are you from?
3) Your major, minor?
4) Year at Butler?
5) How do you spend your free time?
6) How do you learn best?
7) What do you expect to learn from this class?
8) Do you have any prior computer programming experience?
9) Do you enjoy working in a team?
10) Would you be able and willing to serve as a team leader or you prefer to work as a team member?


  1. Keith Sustich

  2. Lake Zurich, IL (NW Chicago suburbs)

  3. Computer Science Major

  4. Senior year at Butler

  5. I spend my free time with friends or watching a new series on netflix.

  6. I learn best by doing the things that I want to learn about.

  7. I expect to learn how to work as a team in this class, as well as learn new skills that I can use on future projects.

  8. I have no prior experience in computer programming aside from the introductory classes here at Butler.

  9. I normally enjoy working in a team.

  10. I would prefer to not serve as a team leader.