About Matthew Skoog


1) Your name? (you can also post your picture here)
2) Where are you from?
3) Your major, minor?
4) Year at Butler?
5) How do you spend your free time?
6) How do you learn best?
7) What do you expect to learn from this class?
8) Do you have any prior computer programming experience?
9) Do you enjoy working in a team?
10) Would you be able and willing to serve as a team leader or you prefer to work as a team member?



1) Matthew Skoog

2) Palatine, IL

3) Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Majors

Computer and Electrical Engineering, and Math Minors

4) 3rd Year at Butler

5) Spending time with friends, working out, movies

6) Hearing it, seeing it, then getting to try it myself or learn it again myself

7) More about the real world application of my major and a glimpse of group work on a project

8) I have taken several classes but that is as far as my knowledge goes

9) Yes I do enjoy working in a team!

10) As being my first time in EPICS I feel like I would have a better and bigger impact with being a team member.