Prospective Students

The EPICS program is always looking for students of any major/minor that are interested in getting real world and service learning experience. The projects in this program are resume builders and look good on job applications. In EPICS, students will be taking part in community projects with real customers to gain experience.


  • Second Semester Freshman or higher status.
  • ALL MAJORS/MINORS applicable.
  • Some basic computer programming background is encouraged, but NOT necessary.

The Three Phases of EPICS

  • Each week consists of one instructional and laboratory component.
  • Instructional class: group meetings, advisor meeting, progress report, scheduling trips and inviting speakers.
  • Laboratory class: group meeting, gather data/info, implement and test the product.
  1. Phase One of EPICS: the Beginning
    • Day One: the teams are established depending on the projects students are interested in.
    • Member roles are assigned.
    • Semester plan is established and a time line is created.
    • Gathering information.
  2. Phase Two of EPICS: the Middle
    • Large amount of time spent with team and client.
    • Create the product.
    • Conduct product quality assurance.
    • Test the product.
    • Finalize the product.
  3. Phase Three of EPICS: the Finale
    • Product is complete.
    • Project artifacts and dossier are turned in:progress reports, responsibility forms, project documentation, etc.
    • Final Presentation
      • Open to the public; possible future community partners are invited.
      • Peer and customer evaluation.

How to Register