EPICS Site Student Tutorial

Welcome to the EPICS website!


The EPICS website is a resource for EPICS students and affiliates to gather information about the course and the projects worked on as a part of the EPICS program. Throughout the course, student teams will create and maintain web pages for their project, which will be submitted at the end of the semester as a part of their dossier.

If you are a current student in the EPICS program, keep reading to learn how to get started on the site!

EPICS Student Website Checklist

  1. Get access to the site from the EPICS webmaster
  2. Log in using your Butler credentials
  3. Find your page for your EPICS project on the Projects page
    1. Make sure the page is for the current semester!
    2. Throughout the semester, you must maintain your project artifacts page, which should be linked at the bottom of your project page.
  4. Get your team together for a photo, and start adding content to your page! Pages typically include information about:
    1. Your team’s organization you are working with, including a link to their website (if they have one)
    2. Your team members’ info (include names, class years, majors, etc)
    3. A project plan or information about what you are building
    4. A team picture!

Editing Your Page

Once you have found your page and you get logged in, you can edit your page by navigating to your page using the Menu bar, and then clicking the “Edit Page” button on the top of your browser window. Our EPICS site uses WordPress, so it is very simple to format your project information, add photos, or include any other links/content your team thinks is necessary.

Some helpful tutorials for getting started with typing and editing in WordPress can be found here: wpmadesimple.org/guides/editing

Issues / Feedback

If you have any issues with the EPICS website (whether it’s editing your page or anything else), please feel free to contact the EPICS webmaster, or send an email to epics@butler.edu. Thank you!