About the EPICS program

EPICS is Butler University’s Engineering Projects In Community Service program where undergraduate students form teams to develop cutting-edge software for local non-profit organizations.


DSC_3206     DSC_3148     DSC_0933  IMG 7741 IMG_7537  DSC_3177     07_EPICS_FALL_15 DSC_0903  IMG_7526 DSC_0896   DSC_3159     DSC_3185     IMG_7571    DSC_0941  DSC_0939  IMG 7750 IMG_7575    IMG_7590    IMG 7738 IMG_7542    IMG 7745 DSC_0973  IMG_7518 06_EPICS_FALL_15 DSC_0944  IMG_7580    DSC_0900  DSC_1019   IMG_7523 IMG 7748 16_EPICS_FALL_15 IMG_7544    IMG 7737 DSC_3179     IMG_7543    IMG 7762 DSC_3153     DSC_0989  DSC_3173     DSC_0994      IMG_7576    DSC_3172     IMG 7752 IMG_7557    IMG_7515 10_EPICS_FALL_15 DSC_0894  14_EPICS_FALL_15 09_EPICS_FALL_15 IMG_7522 DSC_1024      15_EPICS_FALL_15 IMG_7549    DSC_0908  DSC_3188     12_EPICS_FALL_15 IMG 7744 DSC_3182     IMG_7567    DSC_3174     05_EPICS_FALL_15 02_EPICS_FALL_15 IMG 7753 13_EPICS_FALL_15 IMG 7742 04_EPICS_FALL_15 DSC_0960  IMG_7577    DSC_0895   IMG_7517 08_EPICS_FALL_15 DSC_0920  DSC_3212    DSC_3204     IMG_7524 01_EPICS_FALL_15 IMG_7558    IMG_7568    11_EPICS_FALL_15 IMG_7540    IMG_7519 DSC_1000      DSC_0935  IMG_7556    DSC_3157     DSC_0971  IMG_7512 IMG_7555    IMG 7736 03_EPICS_FALL_15 DSC_3160     DSC_0892  DSC_1010      IMG_7583    IMG 7760 IMG 7747 IMG_7538