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20 Years of EPICS at Butler University: Experiences and Lessons Learned

A Paper written by Dr. Linos and Lucas Johnson highlighting the last 20 Years of EPICS classes. They presented the paper at the “IEEE Frontiers in Education” (FIE) conference from October 17th 2023 – October 21st, 2023 at College Station, Texas, USA

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Butler U. App Will Guide Visually Impaired Students Through Campus

Butler EPICS students designed an app to help visually impaired students navigate campus!

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Butler EPICS Students Develop Video Game to Help Children with Autism

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Butler University students work on application to help connect Hoosiers to SNAP benefits

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Learning Without Borders: Qualitative Exploration of Service-Learning

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Butler Students Create Games to Help Kids with Autism

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Ten Years of EPICS at Butler

Read more about how our service-learning program was formed and the benefits that it brings!

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