About Us

Non-profit organizations are facing a future where the advantage of having technology to improve, coordinate, account for, and deliver services is necessary to succeed.

Undergraduate computer science and software engineering students face a future where having more than solid expertise in their discipline is necessary to succeed.

It is an exciting challenge to bring these two groups together in a mutually beneficial way. The goal is to leave both parties with a positive experience, useful resources, and real-life experience.

What is EPICS?
Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) is a unique program in which teams of undergraduates are designing, building, and deploying real systems to solve engineering-based problems for local non-profit organizations.

Community Partners
Each team has a partnership with a non-profit organization Butler University EPICS teams have delivered numerous projects to their community partners.

Unmatched Academic Structure
Each team of 2 to 4 students is comprised of undergraduates of all years. Teams are advised by Butler faculty, staff, and engineers from the local industry. Students earn academic credits each semester and may register for up to four years.

Fulfill Mutual Needs
EPICS students gain experience and communication skills in the define-design-build-test-deploy-support model. Our non-profit clients gain student-built systems and software to aid their organization. Together we all find deep satisfaction in the work that we do to make the world a better place.