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Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) is a service learning program focused on delivering real world experiences. Founded at Purdue in 1995, the course allows teams of undergraduates to partner with non-profit organizations in need of technical expertise.

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Butler University EPICS teams have delivered numerous projects to a diverse range of local and global partners since 2001. EPICS@BUTLER is housed under the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering and is open to LAS students.


Each team of around 2 to 7 students is comprised of undergraduates of all years. Teams are advised by Butler faculty, staff, and working professionals from the local industry. Students earn academic credits each semester and may register for up to four years.

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Students gain experience and communication skills throughout the EPICS process. Our non-profit clients gain student-built systems and software in return. Together we all find deep satisfaction in the work that we do to make the world a better place.

"Community service agencies face a future in which they must take advantage of technology to improve, coordinate, account for, and deliver the services they provide."

"Undergraduate students face a future in which they will need more than solid expertise in their discipline to succeed."

"The challenge is to bring these two groups together in a mutually beneficial way. It was specifically to address this challenge that the EPICS program was created. The end result? Benefits to the students and to the community!"

- Purdue University, founder of the EPICS program