Barnabas Task


FALL 2015

COPHS/Barnabas Task 2015

About the Organization

"The mission of Barnabas Task is an expression of compassion to transform communities by equipping, empowering, and encouraging. The message of Barnabas Task is the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We desire to be people of influence with a significant message of Christ the Center. Through training and serving, our goal is to assist people with problem solving, providing simple transferrable principles and resource assessment which result in multiplication and change in other communities through local initiative. We facilitate medical and training teams who provide critical care and preventive health education."1


About the Project

Butler University's Computer Science Department is working with the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS) to create an electronic medical record application. Butler University COPHS teams up with Barnabas Task to send a group of medical students to do mission work in the Dominican Republic (DR).

The electronic medical record application will be used by doctors/physicians in the DR, as well as the volunteers who work with Barnabas Task. This application will keep track of patients' personal information, medical information, vitals, and past medical history.