Immigrant Welcome Center


Alex Lange, Derrick Miller, Stephanie Pan

About the Organization

The Immigrant Welcome Center empowers immigrants by connecting them to the people, places and resources that enable them to build successful lives and enrich our community. Through our immigrant services and community initiatives we, equip members of the immigrant community to help one another, broaden awareness of immigrant contributions to our community, and serve as a catalyst to enable neighborhood and community partners to reach the immigrant population. In 2005 former First Lady of Indianapolis Amy Minick Peterson founded the Immigrant Welcome Center to better serve immigrants and refugees in Indianapolis. Since then, we have served over 7,000 immigrants in our community. We believe our communities are better when everyone contributes to our economy, to the arts, to our faith communities, and to our schools. By helping newcomers feel welcome and valued, we are helping empower our newest residents to be a part of our city’s future.

About the Project

Create a new website for IWC on WordPress by working on the previous IWC EPICS team's work.

Our Team

Alex Lange: Team Lead

Dereck Miller: Designer

Stephanie Pan: Technical Support