Polis Center


The Polis Center is a self-funded research unit of the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. Our approach to understanding the communities in which we live is entrepreneurial and innovative, finding practical, effective, and cost-efficient ways for communities to enhance their capacity for meaningful change. We develop the nation’s largest community information system, SAVI, as an interactive data and mapping resource for individuals and organizations in Central Indiana, and our annual Spirit & Place Festival is an example of our efforts to promote Central Indiana as a leading example of how communities can work together to encourage civic engagement and enduring change.1

Team Polis Center

Team Lead: Devin Edmundowicz
Documentation: Tyler Charles
Communications: Peter Bult
Contact: dedmundo@butler.edu

Last semester, the EPICS team assigned to POLIS center was tasked to create a new version of their web form that allows users to register for events at the Spirit and Place. Although they got a lot accomplished, there are still many things that need to be addressed before the website can be finished. This semester, we will be tasked with implementing full events, where we will add attributes, and adjust the stored procedures to accommodate these attributes. We will also be improving the functionality of the SpiritAPI, so that it can handle more than the standard create, read, update, and delete functions. In order to do this, however, we will need to get the SpiritAPI to connect to the Spirit database that is running on the Butler servers. If we have left over time this semester, we will also attempt to address the security issues for the user entity class.