Happy Hollows Web App

Team S.C.A.M.

(Summer Camp Application Masters)

Team Members:

(Top Left) Dorian Claire, Jacob Misner, Danny Kovalak, Nate Swalley, Ty Bickham, Mason Lovett

Project Goal:

Create and advertise a summer camp staff application for the Happy Hollow Children’s Camp.  The application should efficiently  store applicant information for the summer camp to easily process and compare.

About the Organization:

Happy Hollow Children’s Camp provides overnight camping activities, at their 900-acre Brown County camp, with major emphasis on children who are economically disadvantaged, have severe to moderate asthma, or are members of educational groups. Since 1951, over 40,000 economically disadvantaged children have attend Happy Hollow Children’s Camp. Happy Hollow offers several weekly summer camp programs for children from Indianapolis and the surrounding counties. As an accredited program through the American Camp Association, Happy Hollow Children’s Camp meets the needs of the community by providing high-quality summer camp programming to economically disadvantaged children at minimal cost to the families.



Creating outdoor learning experiences that inspire Indiana youth to reach their full potential as active, responsible and caring members of our community.

Happy Hollow Contact: Chris Chappell cchappell@happyhollowcamp.net

Our Team:

Team Leader – Dorian Claire

Advertising Ambassador – Danny Kovalak

Graphic Designer – Nate Swalley

Application Developer – Jacob Misner 

Web Designer – Ty Bickham

Web Designer – Mason Lovett