Sycamore Services

Team Members:

Justin Andrea: Web Developer and Game Programmer(Top Left)

Lauren Marx: Team Lead and Art Designer (Top Middle)

Ian Wallack: Game Programmer(Top Right)

Adam Schaefer: Game Programmer(Bottom Left)

Susan Norman: Sycamore Services Representative(BottomRight)

About Sycamore Services:

Sycamore Services is a non for profit organization that looks to improve the lives of those with disabilities.  The workers there provide individualized services to increase independence of  their clients.

Sycamore Services Website

Sycamore Service Project:

Sycamore Service wants our team to create a game in which its users can learn social queues and improve their ability to read and respond to emotions appropriately.  Our client wants this game to be tailored for a more mature audience.  This means that the style of the game should be centered around adventure and combat.



In Game Images:



Project Artifacts