FALL 2017

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About the Organization

According to, “Known for quality programming throughout Central Indiana, WFYI Public Media provides more than just the standard radio and television services. WFYI has been involved as a community leader and partner in education, health, public affairs, and the arts since 1970. We serve as a public forum where people are encouraged to discuss and debate issues important to the local community. Our award-winning documentaries and public affairs programs have addressed many relevant topics ‒ including financial literacy, healthcare, workforce development and environmental affairs. This broadcast schedule combines with local community outreach programs to focus on developing successful solutions to local issues.”

About the Project

WFYI Public Media’s website,, is hosted on a LAMP environment composed of Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS, Apache 2.4.x, MySQL 5.6.x, and PHP 5.6.x. Our goal is to upgrade the Linux, MySQL and PHP components to the latest versions. To ensure compatibility with the website CMS, we will also assist with complete functionality testing by creating a virtual machine image to test the platform. Installation/setup documentation will also be created to allow IT staff to re-create the environment represented by the virtual machine in a remote hosting environment (DigitalOcean).

Our Team

Alec Baron: Team Member

Jonathan Phoun: Team Member

Brianna Sorenson: Team Member