COPHS/Barnabas Task

About the Barnabas Task:

Barnabas Task effectively and successfully uses Community Health Evangelism (CHE) in both rural areas, urban areas and among people who come from diverse worldviews and religious backgrounds. CHE’s participatory learning methods and guided discovery methods are keys to the CHE strategy. CHE is a highly adaptable tool that helps meet people where they are and lead them to a healthier future and a new life in Jesus Christ.

About Our Project:

This semester our team will continue work on an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that has been used successfully by Butler University pharmacy students in the Dominican Republic. The EMR is implemented on iPads and used to streamline the medical treatment these people are receiving.

Our Team:

Ryan Perkins – Team Lead

Ugo Udeogu – Developer

Cisco Scaramuzza – Quality Assurance

Patrick Burns – Transition Coordinator

Dr. Devine – Faculty Liaison

Project Artifacts