IHSAA – unfinished

About IHSAA:
The purpose of the IHSAA is to ensure athletics remain subservient to academics, and to maximize the opportunity for students to engage in transformative relationships with coaches and teammates in which their character and emotional maturity is developed to empower them to be effective in life.

Our Project:
Our project is focused on the reclassification and realignment of sectional tournament groupings. We hope to make this process much more efficient for the IHSAA tournament committee.

Team Photo:

Our Team (from left to right):

Teagan O’Rilley – Quality Assurance
Sepp Hall – Quality Assurance
Ryan Kaiser – Code/Bug fixing
Jed Martin – Team Leader/Code
Sophie Laposha – R specialist
Luka Popovic – R specialist

Organization Contact: Luke Morehead | lmorehead@ihsaa.org
Project Assets: https://github.butler.edu/epics/ihsaa

Note: Email epics@butler.edu for access to project assets.