Sycamore Services

About Sycamore Services:
Sycamore Services is a nonprofit organization in Indiana that helps individuals with learning and developmental disabilities learn life skills and get individualized care.

Our Project:
Our project aims to be a tool for young adults on the spectrum who need extra assistance to recognize facial expressions and verbal social cues in conversations. In the form of a video game, the goal is for players to have fun solving a mystery and connecting clues, while also reinforcing lessons about social interaction.

Team Photo:

Our Team (from left to right):

Ezri Braid-Grizzell – Team Leader
Caleb Grabarz – Story
Rust Day – Story
Will Vesevick – Game Script Dev
Sam Beers – GUI and Game Script Dev
Saadiya Tai – Art and Design

Organization Contact: Susan Norman |
Project Assets:

Note: Email for access to project assets.