FALL 2020


About the Organization

WFYI is a nonprofit FM Public Radio station in Indianapolis, Indiana that provides trusted news and quality entertainment. WFYI also educates and engages the local community through being central Indiana's source for NPR radio and PBS television.

About the Project

During this semester, our group used PowerBI, which is Microsoft's interactive data visualization tool, to design and implement a set of reports/dashboards, based on input from WFYI, to replace an old reporting tool that they were losing access to. First, we had to upload the data given to us by our client in a .csv file. Then, we had to spend some time carefully removing duplicate records and performing data validation to ensure the data being used in our reports is the same that was being used in their old reporting tool. Now, within the dashboards we created, our client is able to see the multi-year data in easy-to-use graphs and manipulate them to see the information over a specific time and date ranges as well as on specific days of the week, month, or even year.

Our Team

Maddy Bloom - Front-end, Research
Izzy Austin - Team leader
Nic Reilly - Front-end, Research
Erin Penner - Back-end, Database
Maddie Neely - Back-end, Database
Nolan Knight - Front-end, Research
Nick Donnelly - Back-end, Database

Organization Contact: Chris Bowman |

Project Assets:

Note: Email for access to project assets.