EPICS Website Modernization

About the EPICS website:
The Butler EPICS website is made entirely by students in the EPICS course. It provides general information about the program and its affiliates.

Our Project:
Our goal is to update Butler’s EPICS website and re-organize it to maintain its functionality while improving the user experience and removing unnecessary bloat.

Team Photo:

Our Team (from left to right):
AJ: Team Leader, Backend Developer
Chloe: Backend Developer
Heather: Graphic Designer, Social Media Expert, UI Designer
Luke: Quality Assurance & Testing, Testing using ChatGPT/AI
Rachel: Quality Assurance & Testing, Backend Developer
Zac: Quality Assurance & Testing, UI Designer, Testing using ChatGPT/AI

Organization Contact: Matt Fleschner – mfleschner@butler.edu (or current epics webmaster)
Project Assets: https://github.butler.edu/epics/EPICSWebsite-files

Note: Email epics@butler.edu for access to project assets.