Immigrant Welcome Center

About Immigrant Welcome Center:
Immigrant Welcome Center’s mission is to be a trusted partner and advocate for all immigrants, and the vision is to see every immigrant in Indiana thriving. IWC’s Pathway to Literacy program is geared towards adult English language learners with limited or interrupted formal education.

Our Project:
The Butler EPICS project would involve taking the assessment that is already designed and creating a prototype e-assessment version that students could do on their own devices. This would involve software development skills that we as teachers don’t have, including embedding voice instructions in different languages, inserting audio clips of vocabulary for learners to choose the matching picture, and capturing learners’ scores.

Team Photo:

Our Team:
Elijah Heslop ( – Team Lead, Backend
Jackson Minix – Client Contact, Backend
Brady Werling – Backend
Caroline Bender – Frontend
Jude Hastings – Frontend
Kadin Featherstone – Frontend

Organization Contact: TBD

Project Assets:

Note: Email for access to project assets.