Shalom Health

About Shalom Health:
Shalom is a health center that provides affordable healthcare services to under served communities. They also provide a yearly clinic that provides free school supplies and screenings. They have 2 main offices in Indianapolis.

Our Project:
For the large clinic event that occurs once yearly, we hope to combine all registration forms for different screenings into one form. We need to make this form digital, easy to fill out, flexible (different languages, addition of children), and HIPAA compliant. We also need to find a way for vendors to allow access to only the data they need to do their individual screenings.

Team Photo:

Our Team (from left to right):
Rachel Hughes - Team Leader (manage progress, assign work, communicate with shalom)

Gavin Strickland - Back-End (works directly with the database and coding)

Emma Beavin - Front-End (design and development, works with creating the forms and communicating with the website owners)

Alex Sheikh - Back-End (works directly with the database and coding)

Organization Contact: Corinne Wratten :
Project Assets:

Note: Email for access to project assets.