Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation



HVAF 2015

About the Organization

"HVAF of Indiana is more than a housing organization – we provide veterans and their families with programs and services that work. We are a dedicated team of more than 60 professionals working to eliminate homelessness among veterans and families. Our Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program helps prevent at-risk veterans from becoming homeless and the Residential Employment Substance Abuse Treatment (REST) program offers intensive residential substance abuse treatment to homeless veterans. We are the largest nonprofit provider of comprehensive services for veterans in Indiana and help veterans become self-sufficient."1

About the Project

We are revitalizing and digitizing the HVAF outreach form involved reorganizing the fields provided to us, in such a way that would not be difficult for an inexperienced end user and would be easy to design as a database. The form provided to us involved the organization of contact, financial, and personal information into a format that makes sense and flows cleanly. Once the data entry and/or lookup has been completed, the final category to manage is the requested services of the potential client. The initial form involved these categories somewhat intermixed on a physical piece of paper, front and back. The client’s eligibility of the aid is pulled from a SQL Server database, which keeps track of each visit and what the client received.

Our Team

Ethan Miller: Team Lead

Edward Wilde: Team Member

Matthew Yacko: Team Member