Bounty for Bones



Ben Sharp<br/>
Team Member
Ryan Krueger<br/>
Team Lead

About the Organization

Putt from the Ruff is an annual event hosted by Braxton's Bounty for Bones.  "Putt from the Ruff was created by Braxtyn's family to raise awareness and money for the National Canine Cancer Foundation as well as local animal not-for-profits. One out of three dogs will get cancer. Our goal is to not only make this statistic a thing of the past, but information gathered researching canine cancer can aid in humans battle with cancer, as well. We also have a list of items that anyone (participating or not) can donate to be given to the local charities to aid in their quest of making animals' lives better." (
Every year, they host a silent auction with items donated to the organization. Braxton's Bounty for Bones has challenged the EPICS team with creating a mobile application so that during the event, bidding can take place electronically.  In the future, there's also hope that they could utilize the application to allow them to host auctions during other times in the year without having a physical event.

About the Project

This semester, we are excited to continue the work that the previous group has started. Ryan Krueger and Ben Sharp will be working hard to ensure we can meet the requests of Braxton's Bounty for Bones. We are excited to help out such a great cause, and look forward to what this semester brings.

Our Team

Ben Sharp

Ryan Krueger