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Team Co-Lead & Design of Application Lead: James Dombro

Team Co-Lead & Application Code Lead: Patrick Burns

Client Communications Lead: Keith Sustich

Web Master Lead: Matthew Skoog

Testing Application Lead: Alec Ahlden

Testing Application Co-Lead: Brady Pampu

Butler University’s Computer Science Department has been tasked with developing an electronic medical record application for the Barnabas Task and the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS). This application will be utilized by student volunteers, pharmacists, and physicians in their efforts to deliver medical care in the Dominican Republic. This application will keep track of patients’ personal information, medical information, vitals, and past medical history. The application for the iPad has already been developed, thanks in part to the former Barnabas Task group last semester using Xcode IDE and the Swift programming language. Our goal is to remodel the application and improve it to its best form so that all bugs that have been seen are fixed and the application runs smoothly.

Barnabas Task:

The mission of Barnabas Task is an expression of compassion to transform communities by equipping, empowering, and encouraging.

The message of Barnabas Task is the transforming power of the gospel of
Jesus Christ.  We desire to be people of influence with a significant message of Christ the Center.

A Demonstration of the Application

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