Polis Center


Spring 2017

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About the Organization

The Polis Center is a self-funded research unit of the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. Our approach to understanding the communities in which we live is entrepreneurial and innovative, finding practical, effective, and cost-efficient ways for communities to enhance their capacity for meaningful change. We develop the nation’s largest community information system, SAVI, as an interactive data and mapping resource for individuals and organizations in Central Indiana, and our annual Spirit & Place Festival is an example of our efforts to promote Central Indiana as a leading example of how communities can work together to encourage civic engagement and enduring change.

About the Project

The Polis Center, a research unit at IU School of Liberal Arts, focuses on understanding and enhancing communities through entrepreneurial approaches. They develop SAVI, a community information system for Central Indiana, and organize the Spirit & Place Festival to promote civic engagement. Recently, their EPICS team worked on creating a modern, interactive website for the festival. They've also been improving the web form for event registration and are currently tasked with enhancing the website's functionality, connecting the SpiritAPI to the Butler server for database integration, and addressing security concerns for user entities.

Our Team

The 2017 Team (from left)

Patrick Bagnuolo - Testing Lead

Matthew Hathaway- Client Liaison

Richard Clark - Webmaster