“WFYI Public Media is Indiana’s largest PBS and NPR member station. Through our informative on-air, online, and community-based resources, WFYI provides a forum for open dialogue about issues that are important to our community. We encourage conversations that promote diverse perspectives. Our award-winning and locally produced documentaries and public affairs programs address a variety of relevant topics; including the high school dropout crisis, opportunities for lifelong enrichment, early childhood education, healthcare, workforce development, the arts, and environmental affairs. Additionally, WFYI proudly bolsters community development by hosting and supporting community events throughout the year, including our signature events; PBS KIDS in the Park and the Ice Miller Indy Wine Fest.”1

Team Lead: Josh Excell Webmaster: Harry Winter Liaison & Designer: Mike Pajkos


Welcome to our EPICS WFYI team. Our mission while working with WFYI is to help debug and possibly change email templates that work for a magnitude of devices and platforms. These templates are to be given to over 50,000 individuals in the Indianapolis area and are meant to notify and remind a vast majority of events as well as WFYI affairs. Our liaison at WFYI is Chris Bowman and the marketing team , below you will find a link to important documents as well as our Weekly Status Reports on our progress.






Project files, weekly status reports and more…