COPHS/Barnabas Task

Barnabas Task

Barnabas Task is a non-profit organization based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, whose mission is transforming communities through leadership development. Tom and Nancy Hinton founded this organization in 2008 with a passion for mending broken people with training and compassion. Barnabas Task uses CHE (Community Health Evangelism) methodology in its mission work.

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS)

Pharmacy and physician assistant students from Butler’s COPHS have teamed up with Barnabas Task to put on a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic each May since 2014. The focus is providing medical assistance and spiritualguidance to underserved communities. After the first trip in 2014, COPHS and Barnabas Task approached the EPICS program to ask for an electronic medical record application to use during these clinics. The project began in the fall of 2014 and has been used in the DR the past two years. A total of 7 EPICS teams have worked on the project.

Science and Engineering for Social Good Research Presentation


During February 9th-11th, a team of EPICS (Patrick Burns) and pharmacy students (Sarah Lenahan and Courtney Cox) accompanied by faculty advisors Dr. Linos and Dr. Devine attended the “Science and Engineering for Social Good” conference organized by the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement (NCSCE) and hosted at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta Georgia. The students gave a presentation entitled “Learning without Borders: A Qualitative Exploration of a Service-Learning Collaboration between Healthcare and Computer Science Students in the Dominican Republic”. The team also prepared a poster displaying more details about a joint research project and demonstrated an iPad app developed by EPICS students for use by the Dominican Republic outreach program and clinics.

Our Team

Caleb Nixon (top left) – Sophomore computer science major

Patrick Burns (top middle) – Senior software engineering major

Patrick Bagnuolo (top right) – Sophomore software engineering major

Alexandra Hansma (front left) – Junior computer science & mathematics majors

Megan Samuelson (front middle) – Junior computer science & mathematics majors

Mary Hermann (front right) – Sophomore software engineering major

Team Goals

This semester’s team has inherited a fully functioning application from prior semesters. The main focuses include:

  1. Creating a statistical functionality to keep track of data that the COPHS team has asked for.
  2. Finalizing the functionality of the patient directory
  3. Various minor fixes to improve app performance and make more user friendly

Our full action list, weekly status reports and any other pertinent documents can be found at the link below.

Project Artifacts & Weekly Status Reports