WFYI Spring 2020

About the Organization

“WFYI Public Media empowers, educates, entertains, and connects our community through impactful journalism, inspiring stories and lifelong learning.” — WFYI

About the Project

The project we will be working on this semester is a continuation from last semester. We are going to be creating a virtual garden to preserve Eva's legacy.  In the past, WFYI has planted flowers in Eva’s honor with thoughtful messages that showed how people felt after hearing Eva’s story. Now, WFYI wishes to have that same aspect more accessible for people everywhere. Each flower in the garden will be attached to a message that people want to share about Eva and her story. The flowers will also have a social aspect to be shared with more people on different platforms and spread the word about Eva’s life.

Our Team

Maeve McCormack

Patrick Bagnuolo