Indiana High School Athletic Association


The Indiana High School Athletic Association was organized in 1903 as a voluntary non-profit organization. It is comprised of 19 members on the board of directors that serve three year terms. These directors meet annually with the responsibilities of establish the rules and regulations of the association. The same members meet monthly for their responsibility of directing events, tournaments, meets interpreting the by-laws, determine penalties for rule violations, and the normal functions of high athletics.

Our Role

We are working on both the back end and front end of a new website for IHSAA. We are using the current databases provided to us in order to reorganize and reclassify the post-season tournament scheduling system, schools close by for sectionals and beyond, travel distance, etc. The front end team will be preparing the website for the integration of these databases and new information for a smoother process for the directors at the Indiana High School Athletic Association to schedule teams for their post-season games.

Meet the Team

Front End Team:

Grant Hurn

Audrey Margamaa

Grant Bryant

Back End Team:

Dalton Morzos (Team Leader)

Chloe Makdad

Sasha Grigotsuk

Adam Crozier

Kameron Leisure