Friends of Belle-Rivière

About FBR:

Friends of Belle-Rivière (FBR) is a charity in support of the village of Belle-Rivière in Hati. They offer aide in a multitude of ways, such as building infrastructure (especially schools), providing economic relief, supporting clean food and water reserves, and more. Their goal is to empower the community to become self-sustaining and autonomous once again after multiple natural disasters ravaged the region in 2010.

Our Project:

We took on the task of building an effective and professional website to replace the present website. The work included creating a product that was easy to use, clean, secure, and most importantly, in line with the mission of FBR.

Team Photo:

Our Team:

Cathal – Team Lead/Backend

Brandon – Backend

Aryn – UX Developer (graphic development)

Tommy – UX (images)

Jon – UX (images)

Jonah – Social Media Development

Jazlyn – Fullstack


Organization Contact: Don Miller |

Project Assets: