About IHSAA:

The Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) is the arbiter of interscholastic competition among public and private high schools in the U.S. state of Indiana. It monitors a system that divides athletically-competing high schools in Indiana based on the school’s enrollment.

Our Project:

Our team has been tasked with completing development on a tool that will allow IHSAA to create more accurate, useful sectional groupings for future tournaments. By using algorithmic clustering on the set of Indiana high schools participating in IHSAA competition, we will be able to minimize travel times for high school teams, saving time and money for competitors and the IHSAA alike.

Team Photo:

Our Team (from left to right):

Alex McGrath – Team Lead, QA

Dejuan Winters – Algorithm Specialist

Jack Michalowski – Back-End Development

Jesse Hamlin – API Integration Specialist

Colin Hunter – Shiny + R Specialist

Connor Comstock – API Integration Specialist


Contact: Luke Morehead | lmorehead@ihsaa.org

Project Assets: https://github.butler.edu/epics/ihsaa