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About Human Concern International:
Human Concern International aims to help people in remote regions gain access to healthcare. To do this, they deploy the use of "Clinics on Wheels," which provide healthcare to areas where it would be otherwise inaccessible.

Our Project:
We will be designing a database which can gather health data from the various trips the moving clinics take. The mobile devices should be able to synchronize automatically with the central database, and the database should be accessible from a variety of different types of devices, including smartphones.

Team Photo:

Our Team:
Zac Ebert (Team Leader / Full Stack)
Junyeong Shin (Full-Stack)
Esten Garey (Client Liaison/Full-Stack)


Contact: Masum Mahbub. masum@hciusa.org

Project Assets: https://github.butler.edu/epics/human-concern-usa