About IHSAA:

The Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) is the arbiter of interscholastic competition among public and private high schools in the U.S. state of Indiana. It monitors a system that divides athletically-competing high schools in Indiana based on the school’s enrollment.

Our Project:

We are tasked with beginning the creation of a product that will be used by the IHSAA to score gymnastic meets. We have been asked to begin the foundational work of porting their current process, which uses Excel, to a more user-friendly, adaptable program.

Team Photo:

Our Team (from left to right):

Mikey James - Team Leader - majames@butler.edu
Brody Reder - Client Liaison - breder@butler.edu
Matthew Hafele - Front-end/Media - mhafele@butler.edu
Anthony Signorelli - Back-End - asignorelli@butler.edu
Joey Scheuer - Quality Assurance - jscheuer@butler.edu
Noah Andersen-Kiel - Troubleshooter - nandersenkiel@butler.edu
Tyler Klase - Utility Player - tklase@butler.edu


Contact: Luke Morehead | lmorehead@ihsaa.org

Project Assets: https://github.butler.edu/epics/ihsaa