School of the Blind and Visually Impaired


Team Lead: Dino Filippini
Mobile Developer: Tyler Charles
Client Liaison: Sean Gibbens

About the Organization

The Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is nationally and internationally recognized for its excellence and best practices in educating children and young adults who are blind or have low vision. The School is a critical resource for Indiana’s children who are blind or have low vision and the teachers, parents, and caregivers who work with them. Every year, we educate hundreds of children and young adults ranging from 3 to 22 years old and living in all parts of Indiana, many of whom, due to severe or multiple disabilities, other schools in the state have difficulty serving or cannot serve. Our highest wish is to connect with and serve more children, families, teachers, and schools throughout Indiana thereby furthering our national prominence as a center of excellence for the education of children who are blind and visually impaired.

About the Project

Academic institution for the visually impaired, looking to improve safety and mobility of their students by employing digital "beacons". These beacons are coordinates that emit a directional sound announcing the name of the location, with the volume based on the distance to each beacon. These beacons would be placed on places of interest, walkway key-turns and sites during school tours. This would the pilot of this program, and would most likely be developed for the iOS platforms, although the possibility of an Android port as a future EPICS project is a possibility; dependent on the success of this pilot.

Our Team

Dino Filippini: Team Lead

Tyler Charles: Mobile Developer

Sean Gibbens: Client Liaison